No Music for Trick or Treat

We are taking Thursday, October 30 off from providing live music. It is Trick or Treat night here in Vicksburg.

Join us next week for more live music.


Lee H & the Boones are back

Yes, Lee H. Abraham and the Boone brothers are back for this Thursday, October 23 from 7 PM until about 9:30.

There will be quite a few original tunes as well as whatever covers they are dredging up this time.


A Rare Reunion...

Join us for a rare musical reunion of three singer/songwriters I first met back in the late 1970's:

Lee H. Abraham, Larry Davis, & Melvin McFatter.

They were in a band called the Coonbox Band from Port Gibson at that time. The three were the creators of many songs together and have gone on to write many more since. The evening at the Coffeehouse will be a rare opportunity to hear them performing together and seperately.

Be there Thursday, October 16 from 7 PM until about 9:30.


Ralph Miller is back...

Ralph Miller brings his classic oldies and originals back to the Coffeehouse Thursday, OCtober 9. Join us and take a trip down memory lane with songs by Gordon Lightfoot, J.J. Cale, Kingston Trio, and many more.


Watch the Debate with us...

Rather than compete with the
Vice Presidential Debate
between Joe Biden & Sarah Palin,
we have decided to watch here at the Coffeehouse, and you are invited to join us. We are hoping for a civil gathering of people who agree to disagree. Anyway the debate starts at 8 PM (Thursday, October 2), but you need to come earlier if you would like a drink made with blender or espresso machine, because we will be suspending the use of these noisy pieces of equipment during the debate.

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