A Rare Reunion...

Join us for a rare musical reunion of three singer/songwriters I first met back in the late 1970's:

Lee H. Abraham, Larry Davis, & Melvin McFatter.

They were in a band called the Coonbox Band from Port Gibson at that time. The three were the creators of many songs together and have gone on to write many more since. The evening at the Coffeehouse will be a rare opportunity to hear them performing together and seperately.

Be there Thursday, October 16 from 7 PM until about 9:30.


At 12:46 PM, Blogger Annie said...

Howdy old friends!

Wish I could be there to hear you guys sing tonight! I miss you all so much and all the fun we had together all those years ago. I send my love and good thoughts to all of you! I'll be there in spirit! What a gift this "Rare Reunion" will be for all of our friends.

Peace, Ann Sharbrough


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