61 Coffee Salutes Willie Dixon

New Willie Dixon Mural by Robert Dafford
61 Coffeehouse Guy, Daniel Boone speaks at the unveiling of the new mural.
Read the Vicksburg Post's coverage (and more) about the wonderful events honoring native Vicksburg Songwriter/musician, Willie Dixon. 61 Coffeehouse owner, Daniel Boone, spoke at the mural unveiling (read about the mural) and organized a group of musicians who regularly play here on Live Music Thursdays in a jam session tribute to Willie Dixon held in conjunction with the opening of the New Harmonies Smithsonian Exhibit at the Southern Cultural Heritage Center.

This was a proud day in Vicksburg. and a grand time was had by all.

Participating in the jam were 61 regulars:

Lee H. Abraham
Cee Blaque
Fred Bolm
Daniel Boone
Kenny Boone
Akia Chabot
Rebecca Chabot
Seth Libbey
Greg Osgood

They were joined by special guest bluesman, Jessie Robinson.

Former Redtops vocalist, Rufus McKay joined Osgood and Blaque to perform his signature song, Danny Boy.


Laurel Isbister mentions us

After her recent appearance in the Coffeehouse Laurel Isbister had some nice things to say about us:

The show at Highway 61 Coffeehouse in Vicksburg June 7th was a lot of
fun. Loye and I have played there a couple of times now and always
enjoy the experience of a quintessential small town independent café.
If you've never been you should check it out -- also don't miss the
Attic Gallery upstairs -- truly great! We've got some photos from
this show up here.


My Space?

Okay, we have a My Space page now.




Here we see my Highway 61 Coffeemobile transferring badly needed electrical energy to the Espress-Oh! - mobile.

A family of fellow independent coffeehouse owners from South Carolina were traveling through town Monday and, while enjoying our fair city, left open the door to their van. Dead battery.

I swung the 61 Coffeemobile into action while Josh snapped a phone picture for posterity. He calls this shot Java Jump Off.

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