Wednesday - Special Music Night this week

Acoustic duo from Baltimore, ilyAimy will be performing this Wednesday at 7.

They found us on the internet and are working us into a tour. I think this will be a real treat for the musically adventurous.

Here are some reviews of the duo:

"A churning, percussive acoustic guitar attack that flows, ebbs and builds back on itself. The loose-limbed song structures have a definitive jam band feel ... Versatile sonics, nice boy/girl harmonies and fleshed-out arrangements make Ilyaimy (I love you and I miss you) a surprising treat."- CP, Independent Weekly (Durham, NC)

"With Rob's uncanny similarity to Lindsey Buckingham on vocals and Heather's crying belts of range... There's an urgency apparent in the way they sing together, between Rob's distinctive annunciation and Heather's angelic back-up credences that carry over the lyrics. Pair the vocals with the unbelievable percussive playing style, and there's a lot to listen to from this duo."- Shea Carver, Encore


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