Live Music, Sat. July 5

Join us Saturday afternoon about 1 PM for live music by Michael Walworth and the World's Tallest people.

Michael is on tour and this will be his only appearance in Vicksburg.

Here is info from Michael's website:

Born in the Alabama foothills and raised on Lake Erie, Michael Walworth's traveled life has brought him many places. His exposure to a vast array of American cultures has become melded into his brilliant song crafting which attracts people of all types of races, backgrounds, and ages. During his teen years, he learned to play guitar from his father, his best friend Bernie Slavich and by working through Jim Croce tabs. When he graduated from high school in Northeast Ohio, he packed his bags for the sunny bayous of South Louisiana to pursue a life in acting and music. After falling on hard times he returned to Ohio for a short stay then left for good and headed to Nashville. After hitchhiking around the United States for a summer, he eventually met his wife and began to fall in love with music all over again. In his pursuit to better understand music, he continued his life as a drifter and headed to Nebraska with his wife. It was there he enrolled in college to study classical and jazz composition. In the meantime he grafted himself into the underbelly of creative music by birthing the experience we know as Michael Walworth and The World's Tallest People. Where will tomorrow lead him? No one knows, but one thing is for sure, his music will travel with him.

Written by Bernie Slavich of McFerren Ent.
Bernie has been Michael's best friend for over 1/10th of a century


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