Rebekah at my mother's table using the WIFI
It seems as if the time has come for HIghway 61 Coffeehouse. We are opening each day at 7 AM with a full espresso bar, and excellent brewed coffees from Batdorf & Bronson (of Olympia, Washington and Atlanta, Georgia.)

We have some signature cold and iced drinks, including the increasingly famous Frozen Mocha Mojo, a chocolate lover's dream. Also we have all natural fruit smoothies with no sugar added. They are both what some would call, "frozen concoctions that help us hang on," in this sweltering heat of one more Mississippi summer.

Next week our Live Music Thursdays begin with Celtic Music by Joanne Ryan and Nick & Julia Blake. That happens from about 7:30 to 9:30, and it should be fun.

Angie, Colin, Rebekah and I want you to come see us. And while you're here, the Attic Gallery upstairs is always worth the climb.

Let me close with this word: coffee...


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